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Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing @ Mid Valley Megamall

by - 10:23 AM

I bet most people staying in KL will know about the very famous 'air mata kucing' located in Petaling Street... I used to visit them a lot when I was studying in college... I really like 'air mata kucing' so when I first tried it, I was almost stunned by it... Simply awesome... The best 'air mata kucing' ever... As you all know, Petaling Street is not a very driver's friendly place... It is so hard to get a parking there... So since I gratuated, I also stop drinking 'air mata kucing' from this stall because I definitely won't drive and jam all the way there just for a glass/bowl of 'air mata kucing'...

Finally, they heard my prayers!!! They decided to open a stall in Mid Valley (quite some time already)... No more Petaling Street ever since... Mid Valley is the place to go if I crave for 'air mata kucing'... Selling at RM2.00 per cup, I consider it a wee bit expensive but it is well worth it... If you like to drink 'air mata kucing' like I do, this stall is highly recommended from me... But I guess a lot of people would have know by now... Caring is sharing so I guess is better to share it out rather than keep it to myself... Who knows maybe there are some people that really don't know about this awesome little stall!!!


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