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'Sudah Mau POTONG'!!!

by - 10:22 PM

Streamyx oh Streamyx!!! You better do something to your connection... Is been 1 WEEK since I last got a proper connection... My connection keeps on disconnecting... I can only manage to connect to the internet for around 5-15 minutes max... After that, I will get disconnected... Then I need to off my modem and wait for another 5-15 minutes then only I can reconnect to the internet...

1 WEEK!!! Streamyx you better do something quick if not I will walk in to your nearest shop and I will say 'I mau POTONG!!!' 'POTONG' all the way!!! Although we had endure ups and downs together through out our relationship, but this is getting out of control already... I won't mind breaking off with you even though we had been together for more than 8 years!!! Spare me Streamyx!!! Don't make my life miserable!!!

Last chance Streamyx... If you don't change your attitude, 'POTONG' is the word that I'm gonna say to you...

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