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Motul 4100 Turbolight Review

by - 10:50 PM

Finally!!! No more changing to other brands of engine oil... Motul will solve my problem once and for all...

After testing it for a few days, I found out that Motul really live up to the expectation... Initial feeling is my engine rev more willingly... As most of you know, Campro engine is notorious for its low end torque... Really dreadful I must say... I don't know how Motul did it... It seems that Motul added some 'MAGIC' powder to their engine oil because my car's low end torque increase tremendously!!! No more cog swapping when I slow down for speed bump... Just step on the accelerator pedal and watch the car go...

As for high rev, the engine sounded a bit coarse if compare to Blitz engine oil but the needle is ever willing to visit the redzone... My car felt a lot smoother as well... So as a conclusion, I highly recommend Motul to all of you out there... Is really that good...

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