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Inglorious Basterds

by - 10:36 PM

If you watch and like others Tarantino movies, I'm very sure that you will feel at home with this movie... A classic Tarantino genre blending thrill ride...

If you are a history freak, I'm sure this movie would not appeal to you because in real life, Hitler did not die in this manner... The whole movie is talking about the German wanted to eliminate the Jews in France and the American Jews that wanted to kill Hitler in order to revenge and end the Nazi era... The American which is 'The Basterds' are obviously the main character of this movie... This movie show how 'The Basterds' plans and made themselves well known amongst the German... They manage to create fear in all the German soldiers when they hear 'The Basterds'...

Not a bad movie I must say but if you are looking for a lot of action I'm sure you will be disappointed... In my opinion, Tarantino movies are all very artistic... One must really appreciate the way he make movies in order to get what he is portraying through his work... But I really find this movie interesting and well worth the money spend!!!

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