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Suspended from lowyat.net!!!

by - 10:07 PM

WTF... I just got suspended from LYN!!! The moderator that suspended me said that I spam the thread... Non-constructive post to be exact!!! WTF a lot of people posted all kinds of crap there and nothing happens to them... I definitely don't think that I am spamming...

A forum is meant for us to discuss and learn something... We as human sometimes will stray from the topics and started talking cock... But this is very normal... We are human after all... We are not saints!!! All my post in LYN are constructive except this one (according to the moderator) and I got suspended for 3 days!!! Is not that I will die for not visiting LYN... Is just that this is ridiculous... Just ONE single post that is not constructive and this SHIT happens to me...

Wow thinking back I was damn lucky because zerotohundred and all others forum that I go don't have all this kind of stupid policies... If zerotohundred got this policy, I'm very sure that I got BAN for entering the forum for the rest of my life!!!

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