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Tamiya TRF501X

by - 9:29 PM

TRF501X is Tamiya high end electric off road buggy... Since its release in 2006, this chassis has enjoyed many competition successes worldwide... The main reason Tamiya designed this car is very clear in the very beginning... To win the World Championship title which it did... The design of this chassis is not very ground breaking as it looked a bit like Yokomo BX... What Tamiya designers did was look at the best designs around, borrowed some ideas here and there and introduced their own magic... The downside of this chassis are the main chassis itself... The reason for this is because it is made from carbon fiber... You can't really use this car for bashing if you treasure your carbon chassis... So if you are loaded with money, this chassis is one of the best money can buy... But too bad as it is very hard to find one nowadays as all TRF products are produce in limited quantity...

The main chassis...

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