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Tamiya DF03MS

by - 6:40 PM

The mid range 4WD off road platform DF03 that I posted in earlier post have receive full race spec treatment from Tamiya... The new chassis is call DF03MS... DF03MS is design by Tamiya TRF driver Satoshi Maezumi... This limited edition buggy features a chassis that is loaded with performance enhancing parts and a Dark Impact bodyshell as found in the normal DF03 chassis... But the bodyshell comes with special marking designed by Satoshi himself...

The additional parts that are included in DF03MS over normal DF03 are as follow...
53791 DF02 - Assembly Universal Shaft
53924 DF03 - Heat Sink Bar Set
53925 DF03 - Slipper Clutch Set
53926 DF03 - TRF Aluminum Damper Set
53931 DF03 - Center One Way
53940 DF03 - Hard Turnbuckle Shaft Set
53941 DF03 - Aluminum Turnbuckle Steering Rod
53948 DF03 - Aluminum One Piece Propeller Cup Joint
53949 DF03 - Lightweight Battery Stopper Pin
53984 - Buggy Racing Wing
5100 - Hi Torque Servo Saver (Black)

If you already got the normal DF03, you can actually convert it to DF03MS spec... Just buy all the hop up listed above and you got yourself a DF03MS... But the downside of this is the price will definitely be much higher comparing to buying DF03MS itself...

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