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Tamiya DB01 Durga

by - 2:32 PM

The experience gained through the development of the TRF501X is now readily more available to fans around the world, with the introduction of the much anticipated RC off road buggy called the Durga by Tamiya... Essentially a plastic version of the TRF501X... The Durga uses a reduced number of parts for ease of maintenance and comes supplied with the wheels, tyres and 540 type motor... The all new DB01 chassis locates heavy components such as battery and motor near the center for optimum weight distribution... Following the layout of TRF501X, the Durga also uses the race proven and reliable 2 belt driven 4WD system which is enclosed with ABS resin covers to prevent dirt and debris from interfering with drivetrain operations... Besides that, the chassis features integrated bulkheads which reduced the number of parts and simplifies maintenance...

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