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Damper Retainer

by - 9:02 PM

Those in blue are Tamiya 1mm damper retainer whereas the black plastics are the standard damper retainer...

Because springs tend to vary in length, Tamiya offers aluminum damper retainers featuring a spring support surface that is 1mm lower than standard... This provides much more flexibility with both Tamiya and aftermarket spring... Spring plays a very important role in car handling... Some people prefer to have softer spring in the front and harder spring in the rear...

As for RC drifting, most people prefer to have softer spring in front... The reason for this is because when you have softer front, car will have more roll into corner and thus creating more grip... As for rear, most people will prefer harder spring compare to front... The harder the spring the lesser the car roll and this will make the tyre to have lesser traction... So this will allow the rear to throw easier...

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