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by - 11:09 PM

I'm a 'AFOL' and I'm not ashamed of it... I will admit it if someone ask me... So what actually is 'AFOL' you might ask??? It stands for 'Adult Fans of Lego'!!! I've been playing with 'Lego' since I was a kid and it was my aunt who introduced me to this awesome toys... Actually I don't regards it as toys... It is more like a creative tools where you can have fun for a very long time... The possibilities with it is just limitless... The only thing that limit it is your creativity...

Nowadays I seldom do 'MOC (my own creation)' as I don't have the time and I'm not really en expert in this... I just like to build up and put it on display... Other than displaying it, 'Princess' is playing with it all the time... It is such a good bonding time for us... In fact, she loves playing with my 'Lego' more than her own 'Duplo' set... She can't really build anything yet out of my 'Lego' bricks but she enjoy playing with them especially those building type... Recently I got myself a 'Lego Modular' set (my very first!!! and hopefully more to come)... Modular set are advance sets with very good details... She likes playing with it... The 'Modular' set that I got myself is set '10218'...

These are just some of the details which makes 'Princess' so in love with it... Hopefully more 'Modular' sets for me before it gets retire... Once retire, the price is going to skyrocket!!! And this is one good thing about 'Lego'... Price will appreciate instead of the opposite!!! Anyway 'Happy Bricking' to all the 'AFOL' out there...

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