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Miam Miam @ 1 Utama

by - 10:18 PM

This has got to be one of the hottest restaurant in 'Klang Valley' at this moment... I've never heard of it... Decided to give it a try as I'm really curious about it... Almost always full and people waiting outside is a norm...

Didn't know what to order when we were there so we just ordered those that looks nice!!! Is not something difficult to do as their choices is somewhat limited... There's one menu that really caught my eye... 'French Toast'!!! My favourite and they claimed to be the best... The only thing that stops me from ordering is the crazy waiting time... One and a half hours to be precise!!! Just crazy... Is written there that it needs 45 mins to make one french toast... I'm not sure how they do it but 45 mins to make one is just not making any sense to me... So we skipped the french toast... But rest assure, I will be back for it as it seems to get all the praises in the world... Ok I'm exaggerating a little here...

If you're in a hurry or famish, this is definitely not the restaurant for you as it takes around 20 minutes before our first dish was served... Luckily the taste of the food made up for it and is definitely worth the wait... Especially the spaghetti... But it is a little too salty for our liking...

Overall Rating - 3.9/5

Lot 146, Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Centre,
48200 Petaling Jaya.

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