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Kluang Station @ 1Utama Shopping Complex

by - 11:34 PM

Not really one of my favourite but definitely on my list of restaurant to patron when both me and the queen have different opinion on what to eat... As normally she will prefer asian food more and I'm more of a western kind of guy...

We been to this particular restaurant a few times and we have been happy with the service and the food provided until recently... Went there for brunch and order my usual which is the 'Hainanese Chicken Chop'... I won't be complaining about the food today (although they tasted really bland especially the noodles!!!)... Service is the main highlight here... 


'Hainanese Chicken Chop'

I ordered 'Coke' for more than 4 times but my drink was no where to be seen... I can see some 'Coke' in the fridge but nobody bother to get it for me... All our food were being served including the drinks except my bloody 'Coke'... Tried asking some other waiter and not forgetting the person in charge (maybe is the manager as he's the only one wearing a proper shirt... but i'm just assuming) but nobody bother... 

Sitting in front of my table there is this 'Malay' girl which (again) I assumed is the person in charge's friend or girlfriend (why i assume is his friend or girlfriend is because he kept talking and even sit with her for some time while ignoring customers request!!!) called the guy up and told him my 'Coke' was still 'MIA'!!! Then only he decided to remember and served me the bloody 'Coke'... Then I told him off and he decided to bang the door to the kitchen right in front of me!!! Talk about service and still they dare to ask me to pay 10% for service charge!!! 

'Kluang Station' you better pay attention to your staff or else you will lose all your customers!!! Frankly speaking don't think I will go back to this particular restaurant again after this incident... 

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