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by - 11:33 PM

Heard of 'Carrie' long time ago but never really watched it... At first I don't really have the intention to watch this remake but after knowing who played 'Carrie', this movie jumped straight to the top of my to watch list!!! 

'Chloe Grace Moretz' is an excellent actress in my opinion... Already playing important roles at such a young age... I really love her role in both 'Kick Ass' movie... So after knowing that she's the one who played 'Carrie', there's no way anyone can stop me from watching this movie!!! As for the movie, there is nothing special about it... If you think back, the storyline is a little bit stupid... But the message that they portray is simple... Do not push someone to the brink of collapse as you might not know what they are capable of... And it might backlash and cause you great pain... So is this a better movie compare to the original??? This I can't tell as I didn't watch the original 'Carrie'... But still worth recommending seeing how awesome 'Chloe Grace Moretz' is... 

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