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K&N Drop In Filter and Denso Iridium IXUH-22 Spark Plug For Peugeot 308 Turbo

by - 9:47 PM

Since our Pug is out of warranty, I've decided to do some minor modification to it... Nothing fancy as this is my queen daily ride and it need to be as comfortable and original as it can... Don't think I can use the modification word here as I'm merely changing the original parts to some aftermarket one... First thing to go is the restrictive air filter... Normally I don't do drop in (usually go with open pod for the extra oomph and not forgetting nicer intake sound!!!) but in order to make the car looks as original as it can, this is the only route to go... Off goes the original paper air filter and in goes the 'K&N'... 

Second thing that needs to be replace is the spark plugs... The factory fitted spark plug on the 'Pug' is 'NGK Platinum' series... Instead of Platinum, I opt for Iridium spark plug which is a tad better.... Initial feel after replacing these parts is actually quite promising... The car is definitely smoother and pulls a little harder especially at night... Even my queen realize about it... She told me the car is more powerful after replacing these parts... These aftermarket parts is definitely worth your dough if the time is up for changing it as these parts need replacement sooner or later... Next item that need replacement is the absorber... Custom 'Titan' adjustable or 'Bilstein B14'??? Probably go for 'Titan' as all my other car using it and I'm really happy with it... Till then...

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