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Thor - The Dark World

by - 5:24 PM

Another superhero movie!!! It seems like we are getting at least one superhero movie every year and this is no bad thing as I'm a sucker for this genre of movie... So what do I think about the latest craze which is non other than 'Thor - The Dark World'??? Well as usual, the visual is breathtaking of course as it is coming out from 'Hollywood'... No surprise here... But frankly speaking, I find the storyline really boring... Can't blame them as you can't alter much here... Just the normal good guy vs bad guy thing and good guy always prevails... No doubt about it... If you ask me, I prefer the first one more as it is more hilarious... There are some funny scene in this one as well but is not comparable to the first... Don't have to recommend as most people will put this on their must watch list... So what are you waiting for???

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