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World War Z

by - 9:42 PM

Before going to a movie, I will normally search the web for review first... If the review is really bad, I will most probably skip the movie unless it is something that I really want to watch... Other than that, I will find out what the movie is all about... I like to know what I'm going to expect from the movie rather than sitting there for an hour only to find out what the movie is all about...

But for 'World War Z', I do it differently... I didn't know what this movie is about... What I know is the leading actor is 'Brad Pitt'... Other than that, I'm totally clueless!!! At first I thought this is a movie about war hence the name 'World War Z'... Guess I'm partially right about my assumption as this movie is indeed about war... But not with humans... The war is between humans and an unknown disease... The unknown disease will turn any human being into zombie once bitten by another so call zombie... Sound familiar right... Yup 'Resident Evil'!!! So if you ask me, zero points for creativity!!! So do I enjoy the movie??? Not really as the story line is so predictable... Nuff said... 

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