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Fast & Furious 6

by - 12:18 AM

The first 'Fast & Furious' movie was one hell of a movie because before this, there was nothing like it being film... As a self proclaim car freak, the movie was more like godsend!!! So I waited patiently for the next one and I couldn't believed it... It sucks BIG time!!! Storyline was disastrous and the only saving grace were the cars... Fast forward a few years later and we have the sixth instalment of the 'Fast & Furious' franchise... Not a bad movie and the quality is definitely on par compare to the fifth instalment which I think is one of the best yet... Storyline was okay and the cars are nice as well with more muscle compare to imports (i like imports but i have a soft spot for muscles as well!!!)...The only problem that I can find is some of the over exaggerated scene where I think is not very possible unless you're some kind of super hero or mutant!!! If they tone down some of the scene and make it more realistic, I will definitely score it higher... Just can't accept it!!! But still I'm giving it a two thumbs up for it and definitely worth your money watching it in the cinema!!!

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