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Grand Spicy Chicken McDeluxe

by - 8:25 PM

Introducing the latest burger from 'McD' and you guess it, it is a limited time offering as always!!! Before this 'McD' launched a few other variant but mostly is beef burger instead of chicken... This new burger call the 'Grand Spicy Chicken McDeluxe' is actually very similar to the normal 'Spicy Chicken McDeluxe'... So what is so grand about this burger??? Frankly I have no idea but what I know is they have added a few ingredient to differentiate it from the normal offering... A slice of cheese and tomato plus some onions and top it off with  a new sesame sauce... Voila and you got yourself a grand burger!!! It is slightly spicier compare to the normal 'Spicy Chicken McDeluxe' thanks to the generous amount of onions in it... Besides that, it tasted a tad different as well... But if you ask me, I prefer the normal variant more compare to this... So go try it out if you haven't...

Overall Rating - 3/5

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