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by - 10:36 PM

Is been a while since I last posted something about 'FrankenBenz'... Ermm what a minute... Not only 'FrankenBenz' as I've been neglecting my blog for quite some time!!! Taken these pics a while back when I'm seriously thinking of selling it... Luckily I change my mind!!! Phew...

 Sexy ass???

Almost time to change the rear tyre of 'FrankenBenz'... My record is 3 months for a set of rear tyres to go totally bald!!! It looks just like slick!!! Didn't do anything stupid like burnout... Just that the setting of the whole chassis is out... So it accelerated the thread wear triple fold??? No more fancy or expensive tyres for the time being!!!

Next project will be the headlight as the current one is really old and broken... Don't know whether to go for the original or aftermarket one...

 I'm loving the DIY carbon fiber center panel!!! Look so much meaner with the 'Nardi' steering wheel...

Old engine bay pic with the puny 'HKS' air filter!!!

To be continue...

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