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The Amazing Spiderman

by - 7:56 PM

Okay I admit that after watching 'The Dark Knight Rises', I have no expectation from 'The Amazing Spiderman' because I know how hard it is to better the former (i still can't get over 'The Dark Knight Rises'!!! it is just awesome to the max)... And you know what, that's the correct things to do as 'Spidey' is as predictable as 'RTM1' (you will only know this if you live in 'Malaysia') which is boring all the way... 

If compare apple to apple, this new version of 'Spidey' is in fact much better compare to the older version... The reason for this is simple... More humorous and better looking chicks!!! If they are planning to film 'Spidey 2', lot of works need to be done especially the storyline which is lacking in almost all superheroes movie...

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