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IBEX 2012

by - 9:14 PM

OMG I can't believe it as I'm going to all the baby fair that I knew... In fact I just came back from 'IBEX' which stands for 'International Baby Expo' and I'm pretty disappointed with it... No doubt it was much nicer to walk compared to the one in 'Mid Valley' a fortnight ago (Mid Valley one was cramped and all of us looked like packed sardines!!!)... But the problem is, almost all the exhibitionist are the same... So there are nothing much for us to buy...

We were interested in stem cell storing and wanted to have some in-depth understanding hence we approached two of the companies... One of them is 'Cyrocord' and the other is 'Cellsafe'... The most famous one is absent from this fair!!! After hearing both out, both of us are getting really confuse on which to choose... Both have their pros and cons... So we ended up leaving without signing up with either one... Since we still have time, we decided to do more research on this... Whoever have experience on this please feel free to leave some comments!!! 

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