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Snow White & The Huntsman

by - 8:25 PM

At first I don't really wish to watch this movie cause in my opinion, 'Snow White' is meant only for children... Since they add in a 'Huntsman', I believe they modified the original 'Snow White' storyline that we are all very used to... Hence I decided to watch it as there is no other movies worth watching anyway...

My first BIG question to them is why 'Kristen Stewart'??? 'Snow White' is suppose to be beautiful and cheerful looking, not some anorexia emo looking girl!!! Should have change it to 'Scarlett Johannson' in my humble opinion... At least it will attract more guys to watch this movie!!! Besides this, I kinda like the movie... Nothing special regarding the storyline although they altered the storyline a wee bit... But still recognizable as 'Snow White' though... 

One thing that I really like is 'Charlize Theron'!!! She's hot!!! And she play the evil queen beautifully... In my opinion, quite worth watching as 'Charlize Theron' alone is worth the ticket price!!! Definitely better than 'Men In Black III'...

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