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Replica Greddy Aluminium Radiator For FrankenBenz

by - 5:36 PM

My previous 'Drag and Drift' aluminium radiator lasted only nine months before succumbing to it's death!!! I've tried reviving it a few times but still it gave up on me... I got no choice but to change it (as I need to constantly add water and it left me stranded on a few occasion!!!)... After Googling around, I found out that aluminium radiator is getting ridiculously cheap!!! Obviously these are replica but still usable... In fact I think the built quality is on par with the previous one which cost twice as much!!!

Nicer looking radiator cap as well and it can withstand to 1.3 bar!!! Does it really work at 1.3 bar that I cannot guarantee... But 1.3 bar is better compare to a measly 0.9 bar from my previous aluminium radiator!!!

Embossed 'Greddy' logo that looks really nice...

Still using 'Mitsubishi Evo III' radiator as I don't want the hassle of refabricating all the mounting point...

Don't really know what causes the leak... I suspect the air-cond condenser hitting the radiator hence causing it to leak... Is better to change it as I don't really wish to get stranded again just because my radiator leaks!!!

So how is the replica radiator doing???  I've been using it for a few months now and I must admit, it is damn good if you ask me... Don't really expect it to last as the price is really dirt cheap... Two BIG thumbs up for me!!!

To be continue...

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