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Ya Kun Kaya Toast @ Singapore

by - 9:02 PM

I like 'kaya' toast and half boiled egg a lot!!! So when I get to know that there was a shop famous for these in 'Singapore', I told them I need to try it... Apparently, you can find 'Ya Kun' quite easily in 'Singapore'... Something like 'Old Town' in 'Malaysia'!!! 

The history of 'Ya Kun'!!! But too bad as I don't really have the time to read!!! My mind was on the toast and half boiled egg!!!

 Really nice looking half boiled egg... Passed my first inspection...

As for the toast, it looked nice as well but sadly, the 'kaya' is not up to my standard and I prefered if they added more butter to it!!!

I ordered their version of 'French' toast and because of the 'kaya', it doesn't taste that nice as well... 

 The saving grace... Half boiled egg was perfect!!! 

And finally, the worst of the day!!! Tasted too bland for my liking...

Overall Rating - 3/5

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