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Which Android Phone For Me???

by - 5:26 PM

Is time for me to change to a new phone... I've been using the old 'iPhone 2G' for more than four years and I guess it's time is up!!! There have been numerous times where I can't answer or make any call and it was really frustrating!!! 

This time round, I'm going for 'Android' phone as it is much more powerful in my opinion comparing to 'iOS'... I found 'iOS' really limited the more I use it... Furthermore, I have an 'iPad 2' and I don't wish to have two devices running 'iOS'... So yeah I'm jumping ship!!! I used to vouch for 'Apple formidable iPhone' but times have change and 'Android' is getting more powerful and not forgetting polish so is time to move on... In my opinion, 'Apple' need to revamp it's 'iOS' as it is getting really outdated!!!

Getting an 'iPhone' is easy but getting an 'Android' phone is not... You are spoilt with choices when buying an 'Android' phone!!! Specification, design, 'Android' version, manufacturer and etc comes into play... Lots of things to consider unlike 'iPhone' where you only need to choose the capacity of the storage!!! 

This was my first choice a few months ago... I know a lot of people dislike 'Motorola' (maybe this is the reason why I like it???) but I have a soft spot for it's product!!! Looking at the new 'RAZR', I'm very sure a lot of people will fall in love with it especially the guys... Just look at the carbon kevlar back!!! OMG so sexy and this reason alone will see me buying this phone... But it is still running on 'Ginger Bread' so this is a no no for me as more devices are running 'Ice Cream Sandwich' now... I need a device running on the latest 'Android' version... So this one is out of contention...

If you follow my blog closely, you will know that I'm a BIG 'Sony' fans... The moment 'Sony' announced that they will change 'Sony Ericsson' to just 'Sony', I was delighted... The first time I laid my eyes on the newly launched 'Xperia S', my jaw dropped... But sadly, the more I see the more I dislike it eventhough this is a 'Sony' product!!! Specification wise, much better compare to 'RAZR' but it is still running on 'Ginger Bread'!!! So this is out of contention as well...

'Samsung Galaxy Nexus'

 'HTC One X'

I really don't know how to choose between these two powerhouse!!! Specification wise, definitely 'One X' have the advantage as this is the latest phone around... The 'One X' is the first and only quad-core smartphone at this moment... Can you believe it, the 'One X' processor is more powerful than my desktop computer!!! Crazy stuff...  Although the 'One X' have almost all the advantages in specification and hardware compare to 'Galaxy Nexus', but there is one thing that the 'One X' lose out... Pure 'Android' experience and update... As this is a 'Google' phone, update will be frequent and chances of it running the new 'Jelly Bean' is really high and I can't say the same to other 'Android' power phone... Decision decision!!! 

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