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My First Cheque From NUFFNANG!!!

by - 7:25 PM

After blogging for so long, this is my first time ever to receive a cheque from 'Nuffnang'!!! Actually, I'm a little bit embarrass to post this up as the amount is not much comparing to other bloggers... I don't know how they manage to chalk up those amount in such a short time... But after thinking about it, I believe I know the answer...

1. My blog is not popular enough!!! Only a handful of readers and most of it are either my relatives or     friends...

2. My readers are not curious enough to find out what the ad is all about... If they are curious, I'm very sure that they will click the ad just to find out more about it...

Only RM201.32... But at least this is better than nothing... Doing what I love to do and get paid at the same time... Nice!!!

Nevertheless, I would like to thank all my readers out there who did helped me to click on those ad advertised on my blog!!! Without you all, this cheque is not possible... Lastly, please help me to click more in the future!!! :) 

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