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Food Republic @ Singapore

by - 7:00 PM

Our first meal when we reached 'Singapore'!!! Our friends took us to some shopping complex and we had our lunch in the food court... Walked around and noticed that the food sold there were quite similar to those found in 'Kuala Lumpur'... We tried to order something unique but frankly speaking, it was something almost impossible to achieve!!!

So instead we looked for something that we felt like eating... My darling ordered a steam rice combo  which includes some steamed pork, a bowl of soup and a small portion of steamed egg... 

As for me, I ordered a bowl of dry beef noodle... I was shocked the moment I saw the gravy... It was super duper thick unlike those found in 'Kuala Lumpur'... As for the beef noodle, it was nothing to shout about... 

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