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Bar's Leaks - Radiator Stop Leak For FrankenBenz

by - 5:02 PM

After fixing the alternator and long shaft problem, 'FrankenBenz' has another problem waiting for me to tackle!!! Radiator giving me problem again even though I've just change to a new aluminium one!!! Luckily I have the habit of checking the water level almost everyday cause I'm shocked to see the water level on that day... Almost half of the tank empty and when I poured water in, I realized there was a pin hole leak from the bottom of the radiator!!! I got no choice but to drive it around as the leak was still okay for short distance driving... Just need to top up the water after every drive... Drove around searching for a radiator repairer that can fix aluminium one but it seems like it was not something easy... Searched the net and forum and this product caught my attention...

'Bar's Leak - Radiator Stop Leak'!!! You don't have to guess the purpose of this as it was written all over it!!! At first I was a bit sceptical trying out something like this as I got mix reviewed from the net... Some claiming wonders while some advise to stay away from it... I was sceptical because this product will stick to the radiator and block the leak... So if it can stick to the radiator, can you imagine where else can it stick to!!! A lot of places I'm afraid... But still I bought it and pour half bottle in my radiator... From the instruction, pour half a bottle in if your car is a four cylinders one and whole bottle if your car is six cylinders or more... Although 'FrankenBenz' is six cylinders, I decided to pour just half bottle as I don't want it to mess with my system... Start the car and let it idle for 15 minutes or more and you know what, it works!!! 

Next morning before starting my car, I did my routine job of checking the radiator for water and to my horror the water level was low again!!! In my mind I was thinking of $$$ flying off again as I might need to replace the whole radiator... Since I got nothing to lose, I took the remaining half bottle of 'Bar's Leak - Radiator Stop Leak' and poured it in my radiator... Top up the water and let it idle... Obviously, the leak stopped after a while... 

Fast forward a few weeks later, I believe the stuff works as my radiator is working fine now... No more leak... So if your radiator has a small leak, you might wanna give this product a try but make sure to pour the whole bottle in if you're driving a six cylinders car!!! 

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