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FrankenBenz @ Goodwell Car Detailer

by - 3:34 PM

I don't have any pictures left for my 'Project FrankenBenz' so I decided to steal some from my buddy!!! Here's my 'FrankenBenz' in her full glory!!! I know you can't see clearly from these pics but currently 'FrankenBenz' is wearing a replica 'AMG Version 2' bodykit... The bodykit comprises of front and rear bumper, side skirt and a duck tail spoiler... Even though this is a replica unit, the attention to detail is just awesome... 

Choosing a bodykit for 'FrankenBenz' is not something easy... I've consider a few and ended up with this... 'AMG Version 2' bodykit is my first choice so I'm not surprise that I went with this... I'm also considering 'AMG Version 3' and also 'Wald V4'... Since both 'AMG Version 3' and 'Wald V4' are design for 'Masterpiece' version of 'W124', I decided not to install these to my 'FrankenBenz' as it is not the newer 'Masterpiece' version... I personally like the 'Wald V4' a lot!!! 

As you can see, beside 'FrankenBenz' there is another 'W124'... Don't let the look fool you!!! This is a 'pan chu sek lou fu' car!!! But you won't recognise the car now as it has undergone some drastic change...

'AMG' duck tail spoiler which is not really visible from this pic... Will try to snap some when my car is clean as it is super duper dirty nowadays!!! Really don't have the time to keep it clean... Although I've just painted my car, the amount of swirl on the paint is unbelievable!!! Luckily this can be rectify fairly quickly... 

Introducing 'Meguir's DA Microfiber Correction System'!!! With these, you can have swirl free ride almost instantly... I'm very satisfied with the outcome and how I wish my car shine like this everyday!!! If you have the same problem please consult 'Goodwell Car Detailer'!!! I'm very sure they can help you... 

Front bumper being massage by the BOSS!!!

Goodwell Car Detailer
No. G-6, Jalan C180/2, Dataran C180, 
43200 Cheras, Selangor.
03-9074 2567

To be continue...

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