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Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

by - 3:01 PM

Out of the four 'Mission Impossible' instalment, I've only watched the first and the last... Since I didn't watch the second and the third, I can't tell you whether there is any continuation on the storyline... But I suspect there are some connection in between... Fret not as I will definitely watch the second and the third one real soon in order to understand the whole storyline... 

As for 'Ghost Protocol', I find it really interesting (one of the reason that makes me wanna watch the second and the third instalment!!!)... It is one helluva show... In fact I'm not surprise looking at all the good reviews this movie is getting... So definitely a thumbs up for me and well worth your monies!!! What a good way to start year 2012!!! Next shall be 'Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows'!!!

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