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Chinese New Year Decoration @ Pavilion

by - 10:37 PM

Nowadays, whenever there is any special occasion/celebration, I will definitely make a trip to 'Pavilion'!!! Not because of shopping unfortunately (unfortunate for 'Pavilion' but definitely fortunate for me!!!)... The reason is because of the decorations 'Pavilion' will put on display... In my earlier blog post, I blog about the 'Christmas' decorations and 'Pavilion' took the number one spot in my humble opinion... I'm afraid the same will be happening for 'Chinese New Year' decorations as well... Those incharge of decorating 'Pavilion' ought to have a pay rise!!! The role of 'Pavilion' now double as a shopping complex and also a tourist hot spot!!!

When you step into 'Pavilion', you will be greeted by this super duper HUGE dragon!!! As this year is the year of the dragon, it is befitting to decorate the whole place with a super BIG dragon... This is definitely the biggest dragon I've ever seen... (I know a lot of people think that dragon is a mythical creature but believe it or not, I actually saw one when I was a kid!!! The dragon was flying in the sky above a Chinese temple!!! I still remember the scene vividly and I'm sure what I saw was a dragon and I'm definitely not hallucinating!!!)

Notice all the people down there??? I was shocked when I saw the crowd!!! Nevertheless I took out my trusted camera and snapped away and suddenly, someone asked me what's going on... It looks like some big shot or artist is coming to 'Pavilion' hence all the crowds waiting to see them... The guy asked me who is actually coming and when my answer is 'I DON'T KNOW', he look damn shock... He said with a sarcastic tone "you're carrying such a BIG camera and I assume you know who is coming"!!! Hmm he thinks I'm a PRO!!! Not bad... Actually I'm quite happy to hear that... Haha...

After walking for half a round, I finally manage to find out who is actually coming... The cast from 'Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes'!!! Since I'm not interested to find out who is actually coming, is time to move on and stop wasting time waiting for them as I'm starving ('Carl's Jr' I'm COMING!!!)...

Okay I found out two of the BIG shots coming for the event... 'Lai Meng' and 'Yap Chin Fong'... Please don't mistaken the 'Lai Meng' for 'Leon Lai' of Hong Kong!!!

 I love wide angle nowadays!!!

In my opinion, the star of the show is the main entrance... The dragon is definitely nice but the surrounding decorations are not as good as the main entrance.  

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