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Chinese New Year Decoration @ Mid Valley & Gardens

by - 12:09 AM

You can be the judge and tell me which is nicer in terms of decorations... 'Pavilion', 'Mid Valley' or 'Gardens'???  In my humble opinion, I believe 'Pavilion' win this round again... Frankly speaking, the giant lantern in 'Mid Valley' and 'Gardens' look nice, but it is not enough to defeat 'Pavilion'...

But the person sitting on the rope is more spectacular compare to the giant lanterns!!! Just look at him sitting there without any harness!!! I don't know how the hell he ended up there in the middle!!!

 A close up!!! This guy have balls!!! Not some ordinary one I guess!!!

 Close up view of the giant lantern with more miniature lanterns in it...

The lantern decorations in 'Gardens' is slightly different compare to the one found in 'Mid Valley'... Much simple looking and the scale have been tone down a few notch!!!

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