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by - 12:14 AM

My iPad2 is officially running on iOS5.0.1!!! Frankly speaking, I didn't have the intention to update... Is more like being force to... Blame my itchy finger because I kept installing apps for my iPad2 and it decided to crash on me... I don't really know which apps that I've installed that causes me sleepless night... No matter what I do, my iPad2 still crashes and before I jailbreak my iPad2 I didn't backup 'SHSH blob' for iOS4.3.3 so I'm out of luck to restore it back to iOS4.3.3... Without iOS4.3.3, there is no way for me to jailbreak my iPad2!!! No jailbreak = BORING!!! 

I know there are a lot of people who are against jailbreaking but I'm definitely not one of them... Free apps aside, what I really like about jailbreaking is the ability to transform my iPad2 into something else... Just look at the picture above and you know what I mean... No more boring looking icons and lots of enhancement that I can make... So guess I need to kiss jailbreak goodbye for the time being... Hopefully someone manage to come out with a jailbreak for iOS5.0.1 for A5 base devices...

On a side note, after playing with iOS5.0.1, I'm really liking what 'Apple' did to it... Definitely much better compare to iOS4.xx...

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