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Drag & Drift Evo 3 Aluminium Radiator For FrankenBenz

by - 7:57 PM

Since I lost all my 'Project FrankenBenz' pics, I've been really lazy to blog about the progress of the project because I need to search the net for the all the pictures that I need!!! 

This modification is a really tough one if you ask because the W124 engine bay will not fit a original 'Toyota 1JZ-GTE' radiator... So what the workshop did was to modified the original 'Toyota' radiator to fit in the 'W124' engine bay... Since the last incident where I blown my head gasket, my radiator gave me a lot of problems... The radiator keep leaking and no matter how I repair, it will still leaked and it was really beyond repair... 

Aluminium radiator is the way to go because of the extra cooling ability and not forgetting 'bling bling' factor!!! The only problem that I need to face is to find one that can be fitted into the engine bay without any modification... All the hoses inlet need to be in the correct place... The first radiator that I tried was from 'Nissan S14 Silvia'... All the inlet and outlet hoses were in the correct place but when I took it back, I realized that the intercooler hose came into contact with the upper hose and I don't intend to change to another intercooler piping... So off the 'Nissan Silvia S14' aluminium radiator... Looking at the dimension another aluminium radiator that can be fix into my 'W124' was from 'Mitsubishi Evo 3'... The height of the 'Mitsubishi Evo 3' aluminium radiator was a tad shorter for my liking... But the width was spot on!!! Unfortunately, the top inlet hoses was on the wrong side!!! But my mechanic told me that he can modified so I stick to the 'Mitsubishi Evo 3' one as I'm really lazy to change it again!!! 

After changing to a aluminium radiator, the temperature stay at a constant 80 degree Celsius as compare to the normal 85 to 90 degree Celsius... If you ask me, I will definitely recommend this mod to those who wants to lower down their car temperature... This is a very good investment for me... After replacing the head gasket and radiator, my overheating problem is no longer a problem for me!!! 

To be continue...

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