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McD Family Dinner Box

by - 6:28 PM

I've been craving for 'McD' beef family dinner box set for so long... Without my darling, we can't finish the set so she's a MUST if we wanted to have 'McD' family dinner box set... The moment I reached 'McD', I told them that I wanted the beef family dinner box set but I was greeted with "itu set sudah habis"!!! "Sekarang sudah tukar kepada 'Classic Chicken McDeluxe' set"... "Semalam baru tukar"... I admit that I'm disappointed but at least I can try out their latest offering... My darling is the happiest among us as she don't really like beef...

She's the first to bite into the burger and she said that it was spicy... Her younger brother took a bite and said the same thing... I don't believe them and I too took a bite... And you know what, it was indeed spicy!!! Damn they took the wrong burger I guess!!! 

See, no tomato!!! The 'Classic Chicken McDeluxe' comes with a slice of tomato and obviously this one doesn't!!! Can't have the beef set and now I didn't have the chance to test their new burger!!! What a day...

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