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Let Me In

by - 7:26 PM

Recently we changed our 'Astro' package to the newly launched 'Superpack' which we find it more affordable... Don't get me wrong on the affordable part as the package is still super expensive to me!!! I said more affordable because if we choose all the package separately, the price add up will be a lot higher than the 'Superpack' package... So this is a very clever tactic used by 'Astro'... 

If you follow my blog closely, I'm very sure most of you will know that I'm a movie freak... I love watching movies and obviously two of my favourite channels will be 'HBO HD' and 'Star Movie HD'... A few days ago, I managed to watch this movie 'Let Me In' which I find it really interesting after watching the trailer... After watching 'Kick-Ass' (which I will blog about it later), I fall in love with 'Chloe Grace Moretz'!!! I really admire her... She's really stunning in her own way and she really can act if you ask me... So please don't be fool by it's age!!!

The storyline is about a small kid falling in love with a vampire... I'm very sure some of you will find it a bit boring with the lack of dialogue but I find it really artistic... I really love the way they film it... In fact, I find the storyline almost similar to 'Twilight' and if I compare these two movie, I find this movie much much better... A good thumbs up from me and 'Chloe Grace Moretz', you are my new idol!!!

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