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Depollution System Faulty No More???

by - 7:47 PM

Finally!!! After all these months of torture, I'm happy to announce that our beloved 'Pug' is back to it's healthy state... No more 'Depollution System Faulty' error message and the engine check light is off for good!!!

But how long can this last??? This is the BIG question that keeps lingering in my mind... This problem exist since June and this is an on and off kind of problem... Whenever we sent our car in for diagnosis, they managed to solve this problem... But after a while (the longest is around 1 week time), the problem came back and it is really frustrating... So I'm really keeping my finger cross and hopefully they solved the problem once and for all!!!

 Technician diagnosing our car... 

I can't remember how many turbo solenoid and dump valves they have change... At least 3 for each if I'm not mistaken... After sending our car in for two weeks, the technician can't seems to solve the problem as well... Before this, they have diagnosed the car and told me that the turbo is faulty and it need to be replace... I'm more than happy to hear this because judging from the turbo, it is indeed in a very bad state as I can see oil covering the turbo... So we took our car back and waited patiently for the turbo to arrive... 

Finally when the turbo arrived, we made an appointment and send our car in and I was greeted with all sorts of nonsense... The service advisor said they need to re-diagnose the car before they can start changing any parts... This is really stupid as they have all the records saying that our turbo is faulty... Why do they need to start doing this all over again... The first time they diagnose they change the dump valves but the problem still exist... Then they diagnose again and this time the error code shows that the turbo solenoid is faulty and they change the solenoid again!!! But still they can't solve the problem... 

So my darling cannot 'tahan' anymore and called them almost everyday talking from the service advisor to the manager in charge... In the end they decided to change the turbo as they believe that the turbo is indeed faulty!!! If they change it in the beginning, it will save us at least one and a half weeks of our time... But looking at the bright side, at least we got a new turbo and the irritating error message code is finally off!!! Luckily they managed to solve our car this time because I'm thinking of writing a complain letter to 'Peugeot France' and told them how incompetent 'Nasim' is!!! I guess this letter will have to wait!!! 

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