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eat FOOD VILLAGE @ Publika

by - 8:22 PM

As promise this blog post will be about 'eat FOOD VILLAGE' in 'Publika'... This is the official food court in 'Publika'... As you know, we 'Malaysian' love our food very much and it is a must for every shopping complex to have at least a food court to cater for our constant craving for good food... 'eat FOOD VILLAGE' uses the very same concept found in 'Lot 10' which is also famous for their food court... Only famous food shop or stall makes it into their food court... If your food is not up to standard, you can basically forget about opening a stall in their food court in either shopping complex... This is our maiden visit and frankly speaking there are a lot of stalls that we are not really familiar with... In fact, the only food stall that we know is 'Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee'... Obviously, we are going to try those that we have never eaten before...

After Googling around, I found out that this is a very famous restaurant in 'Penang'... They specializes in yam rice as you can see from the signage...

This is the yam rice set and it cost RM9.90 per set... The set consist of a bowl of yam rice, a stew egg and bean curd and a bowl of pork soup broth with some pork in it... The yam rice is not bad but definitely not the best... In fact we are a bit disappointed with it since I've read a lot of good reviews about it... 

We consider the broth as okay only... Truth to be told, there is nothing to shout about it!!!

This is the worse in our opinion... The stew tasted really bland bordering to tasteless!!!

Overall Rating - 2.8/5

Next stop, 'Ah Yap Hokkien Mee & Seafood Restaurant'... 

The business is super duper good and it is really wise for them to use this device... When your food is ready, this device will vibrate and beep so you don't have to stand in front of the stall like an idiot!!! It allow you to find a comfortable seat and relax while waiting for your food to be serve...

Only one word to describe the 'hokkien mee' which is 'AWESOME'!!! I really like it a lot... This plate of 'hokkien mee' cost RM7.90 and I find it really reasonable... Will I come back for more??? A BIG yes from me!!!

Overall Rating - 3.9/5

One of the best selling 'pearl milk tea' franchise 'Chatime' can also be found here... This is my third time trying 'Chatime' and to be honest, I'm still not convince... Actually I wanted to do a comparison between 'Chatime' and 'Gong Cha' but too bad, I lost all my photos so the intended blog post won't be happening anytime soon... But I can tell you the winner here... The winner goes to 'Gong Cha'!!!

RM6.90 for this and in my opinion, definitely not value for money... The taste of the tea is not really strong and definitely not aromatic enough for me... So I don't really know why people are queuing up for this as I can find cheaper alternatives!!!

Overall Rating - 3/5

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