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My Three 'i' Devices...

by - 4:11 PM

Steve Jobs
1955 - 2011

Ever since I started using the first generation 'iPhone' aka 'iPhone 2G', there is no turning back for me... I won't take a second glance on other phones in the market (unless it is an android powered mobile phones... still I'm not impress... sorry android junkie!!!)... I used to change mobile phone almost every year... Sometimes even shorter than that... But this change totally when I got my hands on the 'iPhone 2G'...  I stop changing mobile phone and I've been using the 'iPhone 2G' until now!!! Almost 4 years if I'm not mistaken and the phone is still in very good condition... The battery will outlast a lot of other phones in the market now no joke about that...

The 'iPad 2' also change my lifestyle entirely... No more lugging a BIG and bulky notebook whenever I go for an appointment... In fact I stop carrying bag entirely!!! Besides that, I eliminate the use of paper hence saving some trees and doing my part to conserve the environment... Other than business, whenever I'm bored I can just turn to my trusty 'iPad 2' for games, browsing the net and photo taking... Yes you read that correctly... I've been taking pictures with my 'iPad 2' more than my 'Sony Alpha DSLR'!!! It is truly a wonderful device...

Although I stop using my 'iPod' nowadays, but I know that whenever I needed it, it will not let me down... I will still bring it during vacation just in case I'm bored... I used to bring my 'iPod' whenever I go jogging but this is not something that I do frequently!!!

The three 'i' devices that I have  really change my life and thanks 'Steve Jobs' for making this happen!!! 

RIP 'Steven Paul Jobs'... Thanks for revolutionizing the MP3 player, mobile phone and also the tablet computer.  Thank you once again!!!

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