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Fright Night

by - 3:50 PM

Another vampire movie??? Yeah but this is something different compare to the 'Twilight Saga'... Although the vampire is also consider as handsome (more handsome than the overly white 'Edward' from twilight!!!) but this vampire movie is totally different compare to the 'Twilight Saga'... 

'Fright Night' which is essentially a remake from the successful 1985 'Fright Night' is more like a vampire movie compare to its rival... Can't really call 'Twilight' as its rival because both are in a different category... 'Twilight' is more like a love story rather than a vampire kind of movie whereas 'Fright Night' is a vampire movie... But frankly speaking, I believe the target audience for 'Fright Night' is obviously not someone like me... In my opinion, this movie feels more suited for teenagers... Besides that, there is nothing frightful regarding this movie... The worse part is almost all the important part is being censored!!! Why censored it when you categorized this movie as 18 and above??? I just don't get the point here... If they censored all the sex scene, I'm okay with it as it might offend someone but they censored all the parts that were supposed to be frightful!!! 

This movie doesn't work for me I guess... The plot is way too simple and definitely not frightening at all... I have really high hope for this movie but too bad, it let me down...    

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