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by - 5:18 PM

Boost meter install on my 'FrankenBenz'!!! Currently still running on stock boost so I'm only able to boost at 0.7 bar the most... If you are not power hungry, stock boost is more than enough... But my target is to boost at around 0.9 to 1.0 bar!!!

All the meters are working fine... If you are familiar with W124, I'm sure you will notice something different with my speedometer... My mechanic swap out the original 'Merz' speedometer and replace it with a 'Toyota' unit... I'm really impress because he manage to find one that looks almost identical in terms of design and lettering!!! The only downside is the meter max out at 180km/h only as oppose to the original one at 260km/h... I don't know about others who went down the same route as me by transplanting another engine, but i find it really hard for me to keep track on my service interval... When I bought the 'Toyota' engine, the mileage is around 155k++ but the speedometer that my mechanic found have around 189k++!!! So I guess that's the price that you need to pay... No BIG deal actually...

To be continue...

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