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by - 8:52 PM

I don't know when it really started but it seems that I'm really falling in love with 'classic' cars!!! I guessed it started when I decided to start on 'Project FrankenBenz'... There are a few classic cars that I'm really fond of before I even started my 'FrankenBenz' project... This particular car will get my blood pumping and even making my knees weak if I have the chance to see one on the streets of Malaysia... But I guess chances are pretty slim... If you watched 'Fast Five', I'm very sure you know which car I'm talking about...

The KPGC-10 or better known as 'Hakosuka'!!! One of the nicest 'Skyline GTR' if you ask me... Sex on wheel...

If you let me choose between the 'Hakosuka' and all the other 'Nissan Skyline GTR', the 'Hakosuka' will definitely be my pick!!! I know it won't out run all the other 'GTR' but there is something with the design that got me tingling!!!

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