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by - 5:14 PM

Nowadays it seems a bit hard to find a good movie so I didn't expect 'Hanna' to be good... Unlike 'Wu Xia' which I'm really disappointed at, 'Hanna' brightens up my day after watching it... Is been a long time since I've watch something like this... I really like the way the director films the movie... I don't know why but I just relate director 'Joe Wright' with 'Quentin Tarantino'... There are some similarities on the way they film... Anybody feels the same???

'Saoirse Ronan' (can somebody tells me how to pronounce her name???) is an excellent actress in my opinion... She plays 'Hanna' very well and that's her name in the movie by the way... I will not reveal what the story is about but there is some slight twist in the plot but don't expect something BIG... 'Cate Blanchett' is another actress that I loved... Really talented and she really brings out the character of 'Marissa' which is a CIA agent... Highly recommended if you ask me!!!

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