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Depollution System Faulty

by - 10:08 PM

Recently I'm really frustrated with my cars... Both throwing tantrums at the very same time... I won't talk about FrankenBenz in this particular blog post... So obviously I'm going to concentrate on the 'Pug'... Quite frankly, the 'Pug' is really getting on my nerves and is driving me crazy!!! No doubt it is a very good car when you look at the asking price and the equipments thrown in... Besides that, there is nothing to complaint about the joy of driving it either... So what is driving me up the wall???
Three words!!! These three words is the root cause for all the trouble that we have been through and not forgetting about all the sleepless night (okok I'm exaggerating a little bit)... 'DEPOLLUTION SYSTEM FAULTY'... Isn't it good that the car tell us what is wrong with it??? It is really good in my opinion but please be specified 'Peugeot' because according to the service centre, those three words can mean a lot of things... It does not pin point to the exact problem...
I've sent my car to three different service center and three of them came out with different error code... One of them said it is because of vacuum hose... Another said there is problem with the turbo solenoid valve, turbo and timing chain!!! Can you believe it, timing chain??? Don't really make sense to me... Why I don't think the problem lies with the timing chain is because the car feels under power... This only happens when you drive the car for around 10-20 minutes... I suspect the main culprit is the turbine because you know it is not boosting... I can't even hear the dump valve/blowoff valve... Besides that, I can see that the turbo is leaking oil...
Last week I decided to sent my car to 'Glenmarie Blue Box' for second opinion after the dealer told me that the main problem lies with the timing chain... Before that, they told me they suspected turbo failure as well but need to do some further diagnosis to confirm... After that they said is because of timing chain... My darling's colleague also encounter the same error message and he sent the car to the same dealer that we went... And guess what, they told him exactly the same thing as they told us... Timing chain problem... I'm not buying it... Ok back to 'Glenmarie Blue Box'... After diagnosis they said the problem lies with the turbine and they need more time to take out the whole turbine before they can confirm it... So my darling is going to be carless next week as the car is schedule to admit next week (I'm carless this week!!!)... I'm really keeping my finger cross and hopefully they can settle our problem once and for all!!!

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