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Wu Xia

by - 4:26 PM

I'm really excited when I know about this movie... The reason for this is because 'Donnie Yen' one of my all time favourite martial art actor and 'Takeshi Kaneshiro' which is the only guy that I find it handsome are starring in this movie together...

The last 'Donnie Yen' movie was a disappointment and sad to say this movie is a disappointment as well... The first half of the movie is really boring while the second part is not much to shout about as well... As for the story line, I didn't find it interesting either... I'm really confuse on why they chose this name for the movie... It just doesn't seems right... I still can't make out what this movie is trying to bring out... Is this a detective movie or a martial art/kung fu movie... But it looks like the director can't decide on this either so they decided to merge the two together...

The only thing that I like about this movie is the colour... Very nice colour if you ask me and not forgetting the cute little boy!!! That's all I guess... If you insist on watching this movie, maybe try going on Wednesday in order to make it justifiable... Definitely not worth the full amount that you are going to pay on other days!!!

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