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Seoul Garden @ 1 Utama

by - 8:31 PM

Since my last trip to Korea, I told myself that I would ban Korean food once and for all!!! I don't know why but I'm really scare of Korean food now and I don't really fancy them in the very first place... But if the Korean food consist of only barbecue item, then I'm on... On the other side, my darling is a BIG fans of Korean food so sometimes there are some compromise that we need to made...

But fear not because I found myself a very nice Korean restaurant and the best part is, it is a buffet style restaurant meaning you can eat all you want until you puke!!! But that is not the way to have buffet!!!

If you ask me, I think the design of the restaurant looks almost similar to 'Hertz Chicken Buffet' or all buffet style restaurant looks the same???

There are a few choices of broth and my darling chose 'kimchi'... I'm okay with it cause I don't fancy soup and she can have whatever flavour that she likes as long as I got my barbecue!!!

Lovely salad!!!

There are a lot of meat for you to choose ranging from beef to chicken and fish... Besides that, there have prawn and clams as well... This is a HALAL restaurant so obviously there is no pork around...

What I like most is their garlic beef... Nicely marinated... If you like beef, make sure you get yourself some of this...

As usual, you can get yourself some of the side dishes that make Korean food famous besides the kimchi...

Some fried sausages and tofu when you are bored of barbecuing...

This the best part if you ask me... There is a tiny machine that allow you to make your own 'ice kacang'!!! Nice!!!

As for the price it is RM26.88+ per pax for lunch and RM35.88+ per pax for dinner...

Overall Rating - 3/5

Restaurant Seoul Garden
LG345, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
03-7722 1339

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