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Scream 4

by - 9:24 PM

'Ghostface' is back!!! Is been a long time since I last heard this line... "What's your favourite scary movie"??? I used to love this kind of movie when I'm young... But after watching this fourth installment, I'm asking myself... "Damn I can really tolerate back then"... To me, this movie is a total failure!!! It was boring and I didn't expect that because from the slogan, I though this might be something nice and different... 'New decade, new rules'??? What's the new rules??? Can someone be kind enough to tell me... Is just the same pointless killing... Ok maybe not that bad because I didn't expect the killer to be them... Ok ok points added but still it won't change my mind... Not really recommended unless you like pointless killing and storyline that is borderline unbearable!!! Thumbs down from me...

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