FrankenBenz Fender Widening

on Apr 29, 2011
Because my new 'AMG' rims are wider than the fender, I got no choice but to get it widen!!! At first, I'm looking for those fender widening machine but seems like it is really hard to find... So no choice but to settle for oldskool style fender knocking!!!

I know that by thumping the fender using a hammer will damage the paint but I'm really desperate!!! Since I'm going to get a paint job later on, I didn't really care about the paint... If I didn't get the fender widen, I can't lowered my car and this is one of my priority... It really pains me to see them knocking on my car... One of the fender signal broke when they thumps on the fender!!! Please do not use this method if you don't wish to repaint your car cause your paint will chip like crazy!!!

Very ugly looking stance!!! Looks like a 4 x 4!!!

That's better... Now I can get my car lowered!!!

To be continue...


Ian Ho said...

Duuuuuude................ all u need to do is send the wheels in to skim the inner hub surface so it sits further in. Hammering the bodywork is insane!

Dave said...

haha never think of this also... but at first i also wanted to widen my fender a bit to make it look more 'garang'!!!