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Restoran Sin Kee

by - 1:50 PM

I don't know why it never cross my mind to blog about this restaurant that I frequently visit... Maybe because it is too near to my place??? Hmmm... Well I guess it is not too late to blog about this restaurant and I believe is better late than never!!!

Frankly speaking I really like the food here... Most of the dishes are really nice especially their famous 'Hokkien Mee'...

Pork with salted fish...

This is not the best lala soup around but definitely not the worst...

Their specialty tofu...

This is a highly recommended restaurant from me... But recently we seldom visit this restaurant due to their pricing... The food is getting more and more expensive nowadays... But if I crave for hokkien mee, I will still visit this restaurant and that's for sure...

Overall Rating - 3.8/5

Lot 8, Jalan SG1/10, Pusat Penjaja,
Taman Industri Boltan,
Batu Caves, Selangor.
03-6189 7972

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