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King of Fighters

by - 4:43 PM

Another movie based on fighting game??? Wow it seems that this is the 'IN' thing nowadays... If you read my previous post which was about 'Tekken' movie then I'm sure you know that I'm a fighting game fanatic... I just love these games... So naturally, 'King of Fighters' was definitely one of them...

But I'm very sad to say the truth here... 'King of Fighters' movie sucks BIG time unlike the game!!! One of the worst movie ever, period!!! The movie was so bad that I kept looking at my watch... The movie was not really long winded but I really wished to get out from the cinema as soon as possible... I just can't take it anymore... The storyline was really laughable and the fighting scene was really a shame... Talking about a movie based on 'FIGHTING GAME'!!!

Another problem that I found when I watched the movie was the character... None of the characters were wearing their outfit that made them so famous... At least 'Tekken' took the effort to design the outfit as close to the game as possible... Besides that, I think the casting was terrible as well... 'Maggie Q' as 'Mai Shiranui'??? You must be kidding me... I don't have anything against 'Maggie Q'... Just that I believe she don't have the 'ASSET' to play 'Mai' and we all know that 'Kyo Kusanagi' is not a Caucasian!!! That is the fact!!! Come on do some research!!!

This is what 'Mai Shiranui' looks like in the game... Just look at the outfit and her boobies!!!

I think this lady here will make a better 'Mai'!!! At least the costume is spot on...

'Iori Yagami'... My favourite character in 'King of Fighters'... The outfit was totally out in the movie... Very very wrong indeed...

And lastly, 'Kyo Kusanagi'... A Caucasian playing this character is a joke!!!

In my opinion, please don't watch this movie... I'm begging you... It is really really bad!!! Don't even try to download it... Save your harddisk space as well... If you really wish to burn your $$$ on this movie, you might as well burn it with a lighter!!!

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